Step 3: Market Research


3.1 Take a team approach to market research (CLE 028: Market Research)
3.1.1 Discuss approach with entire team
3.1.2 Determine methodology to document and share findings
3.2 Determine data sources
3.3 Develop a standardized interview guide
3.3.1 Determine information required
3.3.2 Determine questions to be asked
3.3.3 Determine who will be interviewed
3.3.4 Determine who will conduct interviews
3.3.5 Ask "what did I not ask that I need to know"
3.4 Conduct market research (include both providers and consumers)
3.4.1 Spend time learning from public-sector counterparts (federal, state and local)
3.4.2 Contact DOD counterparts for best practices
3.4.3 Look for opportunities for strategic sourcing with other agencies
3.4.4 Contact private sector (consider industry meetings) for best practices and industry trends
3.4.5 Look for/consider alternative technologies and/or methods to satisfy mission need
3.5 Request information from service providers (informal or formal)
3.5.1 Identify capabilities
3.5.2 Address quality assurance
3.5.3 Identify recent innovations in technology and/or process
3.5.4 Determine abilities and dependabilities
3.5.5 Consider one-on-one meetings and/or team site visits to gather information
3.6 Analyze market research
3.6.1 Evaluate current strategy against Market Research
3.6.2 Stratify suppliers by socio-economic status
3.6.3 Identify Commerciality and Competitive Environment
3.6.4 Identify cost for services
3.6.5 Identify labor types and costs for services
3.6.6 Identify key industry cost drivers
3.6.7 Identify opportunities for leverage Look for leverage points that align with cost drivers
3.6.8 Determine if additional research is needed and time available for another Request for Information (RFI) or other method
3.6.9 Analyze market for emerging suppliers and services
3.7 Document market research and trends (CLL 015, Product Support Business Case Analysis)
3.7.1 Capture findings in market research report