Step 4: Requirements Definition


4.1 Conduct performance risk analysis (PMT 0170 Risk Management)
4.1.1 Identify performance risk areas
4.1.2 Develop risk mitigation strategy
4.1.3 Mitigate internal/external threats to stability
4.2 Define and prioritize strategic performance based objectives
4.2.1 Review mission objectives and vision
4.2.2 Define desired outcome/results Review and incorporate commercial quality standards (cross reference research) Review and incorporate commercial and government best practices Consider desired relationship with supplier (strategic vs. tactical vs. transactional) Determine incentives/disincentives to improve performance and achieve desired outcomes
4.3 Standardize requirements where possible to leverage market influence
4.3.1 Group similar requirements (consider CLIN structure and FFP to drive down costs)
4.3.2 Document historical demand data
4.4 Build Requirements Roadmap
4.4.1 Define required performance objectives
4.4.2 Define required performance standards
4.4.3 Rely on commercial quality standards.
4.4.4 Determine method and means of Inspection Develop preliminary performance measures Determine the source of data/method of measurement Identify organization/role that will inspect/check Determine availability of data and potential cost vs. benefit of inspection Identify and train Contracting Officer's Representative(s) (see DoDI 5000.72)
4.4.5 Determine incentives/disincentives
4.4.6 Validate the Roadmap end-to-end to ensure completeness
4.5 Develop a PWS or SOO and a QASP
4.5.1 Performance Work Statement (PWS) Review and expand the Roadmap to complete the PWS Let the contractor solve the problem, including the labor mix
4.5.2 Statement of Objectives (SOO) Describe the desired outcomes (based on Roadmap) Describe the scope Define the performance objectives Identify the constraints Summarize any relevant background and/or known restrictions
4.5.3 Develop preliminary Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)
4.6 Develop Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) based on projected demand forecast and PWS/SOO
4.6.1 Analyze projected funding against demand forecast (CLM 006: IGCE for Services Acquisition)
4.6.2 Determine spend projections
4.7 Conduct early exchanges with industry to refine requirement
4.7.1 Consider issuing draft requirements to solicit, review and incorporate supplier input
4.8 Establish stakeholder consensus
4.8.1 Identify organizational, systemic resistance to strategy
4.8.2 Prepare to overcome major resistance
4.8.3 Develop messages to sell strategy
4.8.4 Establish review cycles for ensuring strategy is realized