Step 6: Execute the Strategy


6.1 Issue request for proposal (RFP) or MIPR
6.1.1 Conduct pre-award peer reviews
6.1.2 Issue RFP
6.2 Conduct source selection
6.2.1 Analyze proposals/select the right contractor Follow Section L and M. Consider use of source selection tools (software) Consider oral presentations and other opportunities to communicate Competitive Range Determination or Award without Discussion Peer review, if applicable, prior to the request for final proposal revisions Emphasize past performance in evaluation and due diligence Peer review prior to contract award
6.2.2 Decision brief to Source Selection Authority (SSA)
6.2.3 SSA Award Decision
6.3 Pre-award approval documents
6.3.1 Congressional notification (if applicable)
6.3.2 Ensure CORs have designation letters and have required training (DoDI 5000.72)
6.4 Contract award
6.5 Debrief unsuccessful offerors
6.6 Post Award implementation/transition
6.6.1 Communicate implementation/transition strategy and business rules to stakeholders
6.6.2 Conduct required training/education Train customers and any new contract administration personnel
6.6.3 Conduct implementation kickoff meetings
6.6.4 Finalize Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan Evaluate contractor's metrics from their Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and add to QASP Maximize insight using contractor's QAP processes
6.6.5 Monitor and manage contract transition