Step 7: Performance Management


7.1 Manage performance/transition from Acquisition to Performance Management
7.1.1 Restructure the team to meet new roles and responsibilities
7.1.2 Assign accountability for managing contract performance
7.1.3 Add the contractor to the team
7.2 Manage and administer overall program
7.2.1 Develop process for overall management of task/delivery orders
7.2.2 Verify implementation
7.2.3 Ensure compliance
7.3 Evaluate effectiveness of strategy over time
7.3.1 Collect feedback from stakeholders and review to evaluate strategy
7.3.2 Collect industry data to understand effect of strategy on market place
7.3.3 Analyze strategy performance using performance based objectives and metrics
7.3.4 Reevaluate current strategy for changes
7.3.5 Regularly review performance with the Multifunctional Team
7.4 Supplier Relationship Management
7.4.1 Establish plan for communications, meetings with suppliers, stakeholders, etc.
7.4.2 Establish and document regular scheduled review sessions
7.4.3 Monitor task order or delivery order performance Monitor performance using QASP Submit performance assessment reports to contracting officer/administrator Provide contract performance feedback to Contracting Officer and contractor
7.4.4 Monitor contract performance Monitor performance using QASP Submit annual Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR) Provide contract performance feedback to appropriate Stakeholders and customers
7.4.5 Monitor supplier performance Monitor performance against supplier scorecard targets Submit concerns to Supplier Relationship Specialist through contract manager and Service Portfolio Manager
7.5 Conduct quarterly business reviews with supplier and key stakeholders
7.6 Formulate plan for managing continuous improvement
7.6.1 Conduct Independent Management Review (formerly post award peer review) annually or by milestone on individual contracts or by portfolio/category
7.6.2 Plan to avoid bridge contracts