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Acquisition Regulation Comparator (ARC)

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Last Updated : 02/16/2023

A collaboration effort between DAU and GSA, the creation of this ARC tool provides a great value to anyone who references the FAR and its supplements, especially for new acquisition personnel. The capabilities of this new tool will provide seamless instruction when teaching how to navigate the FAR, as well as provide a way to more easily search and display content when conducting research. This side-by-side comparison tool will help to overcome those difficulties and support making your job frictionless.

Additionally, for anyone else needing to research the FAR and its supplements, this new tool will just make it easier to make these comparisons side-by-side on one screen. The ARC tool will lead to better learning outcomes for students, as they will be able to compare up to three regulations at once to understand the implementation and supplementation of the FAR System. 

Please provide your feedback on the ARC tool at ARC Tool Survey 


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