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Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Product Support Contract Requirements Tool (PSCRT)

Last Updated : 05/03/2024


The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Product Support Contract Requirements Tool (PSCRT) was developed to assist Product Support Managers, Program Managers, and logisticians in the development of common product support tasks within a Statement of Work (SOW). The PSCRT does not replace the judgement of a decision maker and is not intended to be used without careful consideration of how to adapt each task to the specifics of a program. The PSCRT includes suggested SOW language and tailoring considerations written by subject matter experts across the 12 Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements. Tailoring the SOW language and Data Item Descriptions (DID) are required by users to ensure each requirement is consistent with the program's product support strategy and requirements. Additional information:

  • Because this tool is an attached Excel file, when you select the "Launch Tool" button above, a downloaded version of the tool will be available below.
  • For this version of the Tool, SOW task entries for Manpower & Personnel, Facilities & Infrastructure, and Technical Data PSEs are in a preliminary state. Training & Training Support SOW language is not included at this time. These elements will continue to be refined and/or added in later releases.
  • At this time, the PSCRT focuses only on Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction (TMRR), Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD), and Production & Deployment (P&D). A follow-on release will include suggested Performance Work Statement (PWS) language in addition to the Materiel Solution Analysis (MSA) and Operations & Support (O&S) phases.

For additional guidance on the Product Support Contract Requirements Tool (PSCRT), reference the AFLCMC PSCRT Internal Process Guide (IPG) located at  https://usaf.dps.mil/teams/21710/gov/APDIPG/ (CAC required). Please send any questions, recommendations or feedback to the AFLCMC/LZS workflow at [email protected]

Processes Supported 

Potential Organizations Associated

  • Air Force/ Space Force

License Requirement

  • No fee for Government users

Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements Addressed


This government tool is included in the product support analytical tools database to assist defense acquisition workforce members with identifying product support solutions which potentially optimize system readiness and life cycle cost. The analytical tools database itself should under no circumstances be considered all-encompassing; nor does it in any way warrant or endorse the capabilities, pricing, and/or products of any particular individual, company, capability, or organization. Suggested updates to the description of this particular tool or additions to the tools database are welcome.


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