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Ask a Professional (AAP)

Last Updated : 09/25/2023

Ask a Professor gets an upgrade!

Ask a professor is now, ‘Ask a Professional (AAP)”.

Our goal with this upgrade supports and leverages crowdsourcing of acquisition professionals working in the field today. We wanted a place where students and acquisition professionals can interact and participate in meaningful conversations and share ideas, answer pressing job questions, and network with your peers across the acquisition workforce.

Discussion boards are instrumental for engaging in not only the learning process, but it helps create a diverse learning community environment and fosters connections with colleagues, including DAU Faculty, to help you discover answers to those persistent questions you may have from day to day in your work environment.

DAU currently has 52 online communities covering many acquisition topics from business, contracting, and engineering, to logistics, program management, and test and evaluation.

Please visit our community hub as questions may be asked in one of our online communities of practice.

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