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AWQI Enterprise Module

The AWQI eWorkbook is available in an organizational level searchable, user-friendly web interface database. Like the eWorkbook, the AWQI Enterprise Module contains the acquisition competencies, competency elements, and demonstrated experiences – made up of products and tasks.
The Enterprise Module moves the eWorkbook from the employees' desktops to data being stored in a database. By using this data, organizations can improve the fidelity of their workforce development program through the ability to develop enterprise views.
The Enterprise Module is a secure, CAC enabled module, designed to be hosted on an organizational server. It is designed to be used as a standalone database or interfaced with an organization's existing TMS/LMS.
When interfaced with an existing TMS/LMS, the Enterprise Module allows an organization to run customized reports and to see multiple organizational level views. These allow for greater understanding of where your workforce is strong, and where opportunities for improvement may exist.

Use the 'Contact AWQI' link to learn more about how the Enterprise Module can fit into your organization.