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DoD Integrated Product Support (IPS) Implementation Roadmap

Last Updated : 01/30/2024

Product support management is critical to achieving and sustaining warfighter readiness and lethality. It begins at program inception and continues throughout the system life cycle to ensure effective and affordable readiness outcomes. Product support management is the organization and coordination of life cycle activities, products, processes, and data required to achieve defined program supportability cost, schedule, and performance objectives. Product support management includes planning, cost estimating and budgeting, developing, implementing, and managing an effective product support strategy that addresses all 12 of the Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements to accomplish materiel and system readiness for systems covered by 10 U.S.C.4324 (covered systems), major systems, sub-systems, components, and embedded software under the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF). This job support tool, which is designed to assist the Defense Acquisition Workforce understand and develop the best product support package and product support strategy in support of the Warfighter, is only applicable to Major Capability Acquisition (MCA) AAF pathway. The tool provides detailed activity and output listings across the lifecycle and by IPS Element. It provides information via a "List View", which is a compact list of Product Support activities and outputs required, as well as a "Timeline View" showing activities and outputs over the total lifecycle.

Product Support Analytical Tools Database Information

Processes Supported

Departments Associated

  • Air Force / Space Force
  • Army
  • Navy / Marine Corps
  • Defense Agencies 

Integrated Product Support Elements Addressed

Disclaimer This tool was identified as part of a product support analytical tools database provided solely to assist defense acquisition workforce professionals to identify best value product support solutions which optimize system readiness and life cycle cost. Neither the Department of Defense or the Defense Acquisition University provide any warranty of these tools whatsoever, whether express, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty that the contents of the item will be error-free. This product support analytical tools database should under no circumstances be considered as being all-encompassing; and is in no-wise meant to endorse the capabilities or products of any particular individual, company, or organization.


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