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Interactive Defense Acquisition Life Cycle Wall Chart - Major Capability Lane

Light to dark gray gradient background with grainy texture

Last Updated : 10/21/2022

The Interactive Defense Acquisition Life Cycle Chart provides additional layers of information to the top level view of the Defense Acquisition System. In addition to detailed definitions of the chart components, this tool also provides links to more in depth information on each topic area.

The tool can be viewed directly in your web browser, or downloaded for offline use in Microsoft PowerPoint or the PowerPoint mobile app. Choose Read Only for this password protected document

Note this tool is password protected in PowerPoint and can only be opened in read only mode. Therefore, select "Read Only" when the "Password" notification appears and use presentation mode for best viewing experience.

The information in the 108 background charts also changes frequently. To ensure you are receiving the most current information it is recommended to always use the online version when possible.

Supplemental Items 
Defense Acquisition Life Cycle Wall Chart

PDF Version (non-interactive)


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