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On-the-Job Training (OJT) Plan for Contracting Professionals

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Last Updated : 11/28/2017

​This OJT Plan is set up to follow the 28 Technical Competencies and the Professional Competency Technical Elements for the Contracting Career Field. This is not a how-to guide or checklist to contracting. The competencies listed in this OJT Plan will help new, inexperienced entrants in the contracting workforce develop the necessary skill base needed to function effectively in contracting. While individuals may acquire a broader range of expertise, these competencies outline sample tasks that align to the competencies. All tasks will be identified by the employee's component/agency/service. This OJT Plan is established to help point both the supervisor and employee in the right direction of demonstrating an understanding of the contracting competencies. It provides supervisors and reviewers a starting point in drafting the knowledge, skills, and abilities required in the Contracting Career Field that employees must learn to gain the competence to perform their jobs at a high level and sustain expertise in the Contracting Career Field.


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