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Logistics, Installations and Mission Support - Enterprise View (LIMS-EV)

Last Updated : 05/03/2024
This is a Common Access Card (CAC) or External Certificate Authority (ECA) enabled Tool.


Logistics, Installations and Mission Support-Enterprise View (LIMS-EV) uses GCSS-AF infrastructure and services and is designed to be the overarching gateway to A4 enterprise reporting, analytics, and simulation through Rich Internet Applications and Business Objects COTS. Our mission is to deliver Business Intelligence solution to the warfighter and logistics enterprise including OSD, CSAF Weapons System Enterprise Review (WSER), and Congressional reporting. Our goal is to eliminate redundant reporting and analytic tools, reduce IT costs and footprint. LIMS-EV Enterprise Metrics consists of a host of different capabilities, with the initial offerings of LIMS-EV Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Metrics, Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) Dashboard, Cost of Logistics (CoL) and the LIMS-EV Data Quality Dashboard. LIMS-EV OSD Metrics provides enterprise visibility into critical life cycle metrics, consolidated into an OSD dashboard. The LIMS-EV LRS Dashboard is a tool to collect and measure standard LRS metrics on the health, compliance and accountability of logistics readiness at base level while providing viewable metrics from multiple perspectives. The LIMS-EV Data Quality Dashboard provides timeliness, completeness, and accuracy information about data feeds that are consumed by LIMS-EV capabilities. The goal of the LIMS-EV is to be the "One Version of the Truth" for A4/7 Reporting and Analysis at the strategic and tactical levels. Cost of Logistics provides a centralized tool in which to view the indicators and drivers of the cost of logistics across the logistics enterprise leveraging best of breed technologies with current and targeted GCSS-AF Services. LIMS-EV consumes and process data from 70+ legacy system to deliver official DoD and AF Key Performance Parameters and Key System Attributes. Key stakeholders are all Regional Combatant Commanders, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, the Air Force A3, all MAJCOM commanders, all A3s, as well as all other organizations requiring detailed operational capability information on Air Force weapon systems. 

Processes Supported

Potential Organizations Associated

  • Air Force/ Space Force

License Requirement

  • No fee for Government users

Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements Addressed


This government tool is included in the product support analytical tools database to assist defense acquisition workforce members with identifying product support solutions which potentially optimize system readiness and life cycle cost. The analytical tools database itself should under no circumstances be considered all-encompassing; nor does it in any way warrant or endorse the capabilities, pricing, and/or products of any particular individual, company, capability, or organization. Suggested updates to the description of this particular tool or additions to the tools database are welcome.


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