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Last Updated : 04/22/2014

​According to LMI, the tool's developer, OpenPolicy™ provides “a flexible method for searching the content of thousands of policies using the knowledge of those experts. LMI has developed a tool—OpenPolicy™—to provide agencies with the ability to capture the knowledge of their experts and use it to intuitively search their massive storehouse of policy at hyper speeds. Traditional search engines produce document-level results. There’s no simple way to search document contents and pinpoint appropriate paragraphs. OpenPolicy™ solves this problem. The search tool, running on a semantic-web database platform, LMI SME-developed ontologies, and web-based computing power, can currently host tens of thousands of pages of electronic documents. Using domain-specific vocabularies (ontologies), the tool also suggests possible search terms and phrases to help users refine their search and obtain better results. For agencies wanting to use OpenPolicy™, LMI initially builds a powerful computing environment to host the knowledgebase. It then loads all of an agency’s documents—policies, regulations, meeting notes, trouble tickets, essentially any text-based file—into the database. The system can scale to store billions of paragraphs.”

Additional information

According to the LMI website, “to help users mine an OpenPolicy™ semantic-web knowledgebase, LMI SMEs develop unique ontologies for each area. These ontologies capture SME knowledge and include key terms, synonyms, industry slang, related concepts, and business processes. For example, users wanting to search policies related to ammunition would also find ammo, ordnance, munitions, explosives, fired brass, 40 mm machine gun and other terms on the search menu. OpenPolicy™ suggests synonyms and related terms that help users broaden or narrow searches. As a result, users can search tens of thousands of pages across hundreds of individual documents and quickly be directed to specific paragraphs.” OpenPolicy™ can be used “to query large policy knowledge bases. In addition to speeding queries and producing more usable results, the tool offers the agencies significant benefits, including: 

  • Capturing SME knowledge via the reusable ontologies
  • Improving policy governance and quality
  • Accelerating research and training
  • Increasing compliance
  • Identifying conflicting policies across agencies”

For more information


(703) 917-7272 or (800) 213-4817

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  • Navy / Marine Corps
  • Air Force
  • Agencies

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