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Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Job Support Tool

Last Updated : 01/11/2023


The Performance Based Logistics (PBL) job support tool assists acquisition and sustainment professionals in determining a program's PBL maturity level. Developed in Excel format, the tool provides a data-driven approach to determine if your program's sustainment approach may lead to a successful PBL program. It can be used during any advanced acquisition framework pathway or phase, but when executed early in the program, design and contracting approaches may be more positively influenced to enable an effective PBL solution.

This tool is aligned with the DoD PBL Guidebook, the DoD Product Support BCA Guidebook, and the PBL tenets. It is not a compliance audit, and the focus is not on the program's adherence to statutory or regulatory guidelines. To be clear: it does NOT replace critical thinking or sound professional judgment of the program's technical experts; the goal is to help programs be more self-sufficient with these very complex types of efforts.

Note: When the tool opens, scroll to the far left to the "Overview" tab to start, and if necessary, select the "Enable" button at the top to access all features. To avoid script problems, most resources include separate text-field URLs (links) vs. embedded links.

Note: this file is compressed/.zip so please download and extract the files at your location.


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