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Product Support Manager's Guidebook to Technical Manual Contract Development and Quality Review

Last Updated : 03/30/2023

This “how to” guidebook provides the framework and a best business practice for Product Support Managers (PSM) to follow as they put into action the procedures for development of Technical Manuals (TM) and the related Logistics Product Data (LPD) which are one of the 12 logistics elements detailed in Army Regulation 700-127, Integrated Product Support. 
Use of the procedures outlined in this guidebook provides the following benefits: 

  • Standardizes the TM development process which decreases the cost, time, and manpower required to perform TM verifications.
  • Increases partnering between the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and government Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) required to guide the OEM in the government unique TM development processes.
  • Ensures the government reviews incremental deliveries and if necessary rejects non-compliant deliverables.
  • Establishes best contracting practices to ensure contracts are structured properly to receive quality TMs. 


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