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ProPricer Automation Tool (PPAT)

Last Updated : 05/09/2024

** PLEASE NOTE: You must download this compressed/zipped Excel file, EXTRACT it, and Open the file in order for it to run properly  **



The purpose of the "ProPricer Automation Tool (PPAT)" – Excel Add-In is to enable faster analysis of ProPricer Excel outputs provided in proposal packages and/or generated by ProPricer users.

The Add-In automates some of the transformation and formatting of ProPricer based Excel files. The Add-In is intended to increase quality, consistency, and efficiency when developing custom Excel cost models originating from ProPricer. The automation tools provide an enhanced starting point for position development and further manual editing.

Link to Instructional Video Playlist on YouTube: 


What Does it Do?

The Excel Add-In provides Custom Right Click Menus which provide "Editing Tools" and "ProPricer Automation" features as shown in the screenshots below.

Editing Tools Available


  ProPricer Automation Tools Available








    Instructions for ProPricer Automation

  1. Open an un-edited ProPricer Excel proposal file (i.e., Detail Cost Breakdown Report). Save this copy with a new file name to preserve the original before making changes.
  2.  Download and save to a location on your PC and open the "ProPricer Automation Tool (PPAT)" add-in file and select "Enable Macros" and "OK"
  3. Select the "P" or "Pricing" Worksheet as the ActiveSheet.
  4. Right-Click in any Cell, then mouse over "ProPricer Automation". Within this sub-menu click through each and follow the instructions generated by the tool before making any changes to inputs.
  5. You can now edit or share the file as needed, as you would any other Excel file.    

Tags: Cost modeling, Pricing, Cost Analysis, Proposal Modeling, Pricing Model


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