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APT Reference Book, Vol 2

Updated 12/11/2017

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APT Reference Book, Vol 2
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DCMA INST 8210.2(C3), DCMA Aircraft Operations, (27 February 2017); Definitions; DCMA-AO Point of Contacts; DCMA Safety_DOD Accident-Mishap Reporting Guide &  CSSO List Cognizant Service Safety Official (CSSO) List; DCMA Aircraft Mishap Notification Format (; GFR OJT Guide; GGR OJT Guide; AOI Process; CRAB Tabs; Acronyms; Waivers and Approvals; The Tri-Service Agreement on Policy and Procedures for Support/Accomplishment of Flight Test and Acceptance, Flight Operations, and Flight Safety, 6 October 2016; DCMA INST 8210.1A, AFI 10-220, AR 95-20, NAVAIRINST 3710.1E, Contractor's Flight and Ground Operations, 13 November 2002
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