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Acquisition Gateway

Updated 5/17/2017

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Acquisition Gateway
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The Acquisition Gateway, hosted by the General Services Administration, is a workspace for acquisition professionals and federal buyers to connect with resources, tools, and each other to improve acquisition government-wide. The Gateway enables good category management that supports the Federal acquisition community through every step of the acquisition lifecycle.


The content in the Acquisition Gateway is developed for you and with you: the acquisition professional. On the Acquisition Gateway, you can:

  • Find and compare government-wide contracts and solutions.
  • Connect with other acquisition professionals, Contracting Officers (CO/KO), Contract Specialists (CS), CORs/COTRs, Program Managers (PM), Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and more.
  • Explore product and service category hallways. 
  • Find expert articles, statement of work (SOW) samples, acquisition templates, market research tools, prices paid data, best practices, and more to achieve successful outcomes at each step of the acquisition lifecycle.
  • Create and manage an acquisition package for your procurement. You can collect data from across the Gateway apps, to build, upload documents and share the acquisition package with your team in one central location.

How to create an account

In order to sign in to the Acquisition Gateway, you first need to assign your personal identity verification (PIV or CAC) card with an Office of Management and Budget MAX User ID.  This video shows how to complete the two-step registration process. 

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