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Acquisition Streamlining & Standardization Information System (ASSIST)

Updated 12/14/2016

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Acquisition Streamlining & Standardization Information System (ASSIST)
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ASSIST is the official repository for defense and federal specifications and standards prepared under the Defense Standardization Program. Most of these DSP documents may be accessed from one of three different types of ASSIST websites:

Public site: ASSIST Quick Search ( - provides access to all DSP documents that have been cleared for public release. Users may search for documents using the default [Basic Search] screen or select an optional [Text Search]. If accessed from a smart phone, a simplified [Basic Search] screen is accessed in a mobile friendly format.

Public-restricted site: ASSIST ( - like Quick Search, provides access all DSP documents that have been cleared for public release; however, in addition to the [Basic Search] and [Text Search], users may use a more robust [Advanced Search] that includes additional filters, or use a legacy [Direct Search] that may be useful when searching for a specific slash sheet. Users must complete an online registration form to request a user account and password. Besides the additional search options, this site also gives users access to a number of specialized reports and contact information for organizations with standardization management responsibilities; information about projects to develop, modify or cancel DSP documents; the ability to track changes to specific documents of interest from an Alert Portal; the opportunity to review and submit comments on many draft documents; and the ability to directly access and search the Qualified Products Database.

Private site: ASSIST ( - can only be accessed by users on a DoD network using a common access card (CAC). After obtaining an ASSIST user account and password and using them to log onto the public-restricted to associate those credentials with their CAC, thereafter users may log onto ASSIST with their CAC and will be directed to the private site. Besides having all of the features of the public-restricted ASSIST, DOD users on the private may be able to access some controlled distribution documents and have access to the Weapon System Information Tool, which provides insight about how often specifications and standards are used to support acquisition. Users with specific assigned DSP responsibilities are given access on this site only to selected Administrative modules that allow them to do such things as request, approve, and manage projects; update contact information; coordinate documents; request document and AMSC numbers; transfer certain document management responsibilities; and submit completed documents for publication.

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