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Adaptive Acquisition Framework Document Identification (AAFDID) Tool

Updated 8/12/2021

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Adaptive Acquisition Framework Document Identification (AAFDID) Tool
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​The Adaptive Acquisition Framework Document Identification Tool (AAFDID) is designed to support application of the AAF pathway policies and facilitate implementation of the "tailoring in" concept.

It replaces the Milestone Document Identification Tool in that it is applicable to all of six the pathways vice the single pathway (MCA) captured by the MDID. The AAFDID MCA requirements are the same as those previously identified in the MDID and will follow the policy specified in Appendix 3B of DoDI 5000.85.

A summary of requirements represented in the AAFDID are as follows:

  1. Information Requirements Unique to All Six Pathways (Urgent, Middle Tier, Major Capabilities, Software, Defense Business Systems and Services)
  2. Acquisition Program Baselines (APB)
  3. Statutory program breach definitions
  4. Recurring program reports
  5. Exceptions, waivers, and alternative management and reporting requirements
  6. Cost and software data reporting (CSDR)
  7. Earned value management system (EVMS) application requirements
  8. EVMS reporting requirements
  9. Actions associated with Clinger Cohen Act compliance

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