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Advanced Components Obsolescence Management (AVCOM)

Updated 4/18/2012

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Advanced Components Obsolescence Management (AVCOM)
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​AVCOM offers life cycle sustainment solutions that incorporate customized elements necessary to anticipate, manage, and optimize the life of a system. AVCOM supplies all of the data and features required to monitor the on-going health of your systems and provides the information required to make timely and cost effective decisions concerning upcoming obsolescence actions. AVCOM is designed to interface with other data repositories and currently receives data feeds from several DoD databases (e.g. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for stock and usage rate information and the USAF Shared Data Warehouse) and the Government Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) for counterfeit alert notices.  

AVCOM's four tier levels offer a comprehensive list of scalable services support for users with relatively small-scale management projects to large, complex systems and platforms. Each Tier builds on the capabilities of the lower Tier enabling the user to pick the level which most meets their requirements and expectations. 

Perform single part research to determine general attributes and alternate solutions.

Load and manage a flat file Bill of Materials (BoMs) (i.e. Approved Vendor Lists (AVLs)). 

Load unlimited structured BoMs and additional features like automated case sheets, advanced impact analysis, COTS management, solution sharing and other additional logistics analysis features.

Complete turn-key solution to include data loading and cleansing per ISO9001/AS9100 approved processes and Component Analysis and Resolution Support.

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