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Air Force Acquisition Process Model (APM)

Updated 11/8/2016

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Air Force Acquisition Process Model (APM)
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According to their website, the Air Force Acquisition Process Model (APM) serves "as the central knowledge warehouse (vice a product support-specific tool)" and "provides the documented current state process in an integrated fashion. The APM is a compilation of policy, instructions, and guidance that acts as the Gold Standard for persons involved in the Acquisition Process. The purpose of the APM is to provide an authoritative source for the current state Big “A” acquisition process as described and defined in law, policy, and/or guidance. The intended audience of the APM is the acquisition workforce with particular emphasis on the Program Executive Officer and his/her staff. The APM is composed of a series of interconnected processes with associated decomposition as relevant for the audience. The hierarchy provides sufficient detail to explain the high level processes without serving as a proscriptive checklist for step-by-step actions. 

The Acquisition Process Model (APM) is a tool designed to serve as the standard acquisition process reference and guide for all stakeholders at the Program Executive Officer (PEO) level and above.  As directed by SAF/AQX, the APM provides an end-to-end “Big A” acquisition process context for ACAT I programs, i.e., an integration of the DoD 5000 process (Acquisition), the JCIDS process (Requirements), and the PPBE process (Funding). Given the increasing downward pressure on defense budgets, it is important that leadership gains a common perspective in order to reduce inefficiencies.  In response to this need, SAF/AQX created the APM as a comprehensive model to depict and to provide understanding of the end to end acquisition process.  The model is inclusive of all processes above PEO level and describes the inputs required from the PEOs.  In the future, it will be expanded to include best practices of these processes controlled by the PEOs and Program Managers."

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