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Air Force Data Rights Guidebook

Updated 7/29/2019

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Air Force Data Rights Guidebook
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​​Authored by the Air Force Intellectual Property Cross-Functional Team chaired by SAF/AQ and SAF/GCQ, "...this publication is intended to equip Air Force acquisition personnel to handle common issues encountered in the realm of intellectual property (IP) acquisition under the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), particularly those issues surrounding rights in technical data and computer software. It is intended to complement rather than substitute for other Department of Defense (DoD) guidebooks on data rights. While those guidebooks may present basic information and considerations for planning and acquisition, this publication presents recurring issues that acquisition personnel can expect to face in the format of frequently asked questions. Each issue or question is followed by a suggested plan for dealing with that issue. Rather than being contemplative, the plans presented are intended to be actionable—not just a recitation of the rules. Unlike in other areas of defense acquisition, no one functional lead has the knowledge to resolve IP issues. The input and coordination of others are critical to understanding the scope of the issue, how it relates to a requirement or life-cycle objective, and what steps can and, more importantly, should be taken to resolve it."

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