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Aircraft Spares Inventory Pipeline Sizing Model

Updated 3/24/2017

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Aircraft Spares Inventory Pipeline Sizing Model
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​Provides a method for estimating aircraft weapon system supply "pipelines", whereas the "pipeline" equals the daily demands for each part, multiplied by the cost of each part, finally multiplied by the number of resupply days.  This model uses a single user input data element; the number of repairable items contained in a weapon system, in conducting initial sparing cost estimates or estimating the cost (or savings) associated with a change to the supply chain dynamics.

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E-mail: [email protected]

Other contact info at HQ AFMC/A9A

  • (937) 257-6810, DSN 787-6810; or
  • (937) 257-6920, DSN 787-6920 or 
  • (937) 986-0405, DSN 656-0405 or
  • (937) 257-3201, DSN 787-3201

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