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Andromeda Systems (ASI) In-Service Maintenance Planning (ISMP)

Updated 5/30/2017

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Andromeda Systems (ASI) In-Service Maintenance Planning (ISMP)
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​ISMP is used for the analysis and documentation of resource requirements and procedures (parts , manpower, tools/Support Equipment, procedures, etc.)  It is used to enter resources required to perform preventive and corrective maintenance tasks (manpower, parts, tools, vendors, etc.)  Also, you can enter procedures to create technical manuals and SOPs.  It can be used for Display Manuals, and EOPs in final user format.  It can show the status of tasks under analysis and procedures documents in-work.  You can attach documents, diagrams, pictures, and video to tasks and procedure documents and create electronic checklists using this tool.

For more information

For access to ISMP:

  1. Contact your Program/Project Lead or Branch Head.  Please provide your initial profile information (Name, Email, phone #, Program) and your reason for access.
  2. Your Program / Project Lead or Branch Head will submit the request on your behalf giving you "View Only" Access. If a higher Level of access is required, please provide your reasoning.
  3. Your request will be submitted to ASI Help Desk ([email protected]); 904. 385.7016.
  4. Note:  You MUST have a CAC card or DoD authorized ECA certificate to access the site.

Processes Supported

Departments Associated

  • Navy / Marine Corps

Integrated Product Support Elements Addressed

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