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COLTS by Avantix Supply Chain Management

Updated 6/18/2015

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COLTS by Avantix Supply Chain Management
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According to the Avantix website, “COLTS is a web based military supply chain and maintenance management system deployed in theatre since 2005.  It provides asset and process visibility to all stakeholders and  is proven to dramatically reduce cost and increase availability. 

Total Asset Visibility 

Serialized Item Management

  • Location and condition of all systems and parts worldwide
  • Assets are issued or transferred, but never forgotten

Comprehensive history

  • Supply chain events: received, transferred, issued, etc.
  • Maintenance events: failures, modifications, upgrades, etc.
  • Configuration events: remove/replace


  • Specify events to match business process
  • Automatically notify users when events occur

Configuration Management 

As-designed configurations

  • Create library of structure templates to represent standard configurations
  • Use templates to create asset configurations with a single click
  • Create templates for configuration variants e.g. ECs, EOs, ECPs

As-built configurations

  • Rapid configuration/re-configuration to meet mission needs
  • Integrated IUID - scan-in, scan-out
  • Changes automatically recorded during work orders

Inventory Management 

From a single control screen, point and click for:

  • Issues, transfers, adjustments with complete parts history
  • Real time link to work orders: see requests - issue parts
  • Worldwide availability: inventory, on-order, in transit
  • PBUSE adjustments and transfers
  • Physical inventory
  • Management by lot number and shelf life 

Support for multiple business models

  • Support Sense and Respond, Just In Time (JIT) business models
  • Control multiple defense activity inventories using asset/part ownership

Requisitions / Purchasing 

  • Approval processing with automatic notifications
  • Automatically generate restocking requisitions and POs from consumption history


  • Generate DD1149s, MILSTD-129/130 RFID enabled shipping labels
  • Automated pick lists and IUID part scanning into shipments
  • Real time links to commercial/military shipment tracking
  • PBUSE adjustments and transfers
  • Containerization and transshipments
  • Integrated IUID to scan-in receipts”
Processes Supported
Integrated Product Support Elements Addressed
Departments Associated
  • Army
  • Navy / Marine Corps
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