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Computerized Optimization Model For Predicting and Analyzing Support Structure (COMPASS)

Updated 1/27/2023

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Computerized Optimization Model For Predicting and Analyzing Support Structure (COMPASS)
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The Computerized Optimization Model for Predicting and Analyzing Support Structures (COMPASS) is a PC-based software tool designed to assist project managers in analyzing various maintenance concepts for their system and related equipment. COMPASS is used to simultaneously optimize maintenance and supply functions, while achieving a desired operational availability goal. COMPASS features maintenance and supply optimization, user-defined concept evaluation, evaluates multiple levels of maintenance, evaluates contractor support, and evaluates discard alternative decisions. COMPASS is specifically helpful in conducting Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) studies. A LORA is an analytical methodology used to determine the maintenance level where the removal and replacement, repair, or the discard of an item should be performed. COMPASS is the Army approved system level LORA model. 

Note: Users who are unable to access the site can e-mail the USARMY Redstone Arsenal LDAC Mailbox TSB SmartDesk at [email protected] for PowerLOGJ2, SYSPARS, COMPASS and CASA software tool or product support.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: US Army Logistics Data Analysis Center (LDAC) has advised that their "COMPASS Lite" tool is no longer supported, and recommends that this version of COMPASS be used instead.

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  • Army
  • Navy / Marine Corps
  • Air Force

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