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Cybersecurity and Acquisition Lifecycle Integration Tool (CALIT)

Updated 6/26/2020

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Cybersecurity and Acquisition Lifecycle Integration Tool (CALIT)
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Effective Integration of Cybersecurity into the DoD Acquisition Lifecycle encompasses several different processes:

  • DoDI 5000.02T - Operation of the Defense Acquisition System, Encl 13 (Cybersecurity in the Defense Acquisition System)
  • DoDI 8510.01 - Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DoD Information Technology (IT)
  • Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation
  • Program Protection
  • System Security Engineering (SSE)

Understanding what these processes are and how they interact will lead to better acquisition outcomes.   The Cybersecurity & Acquisition Lifecycle Integration Tool (CALIT) provides the user the insight into these supporting processes and the ability to visualize how these processes work together to promote cyber resilient weapon systems. 

Note: PowerPoint must be placed in presentation mode to use the tool. 
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