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DoD Class Deviations Integrated pdf file JST

Updated 9/10/2021

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DoD Class Deviations Integrated pdf file JST
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​The Principal Director of Defense Pricing and Contracting (DPC) issues class deviations when necessary to allow organizations to deviate from the FAR and DFARS. The "current" class deviations are listed on the DPC Class Deviations website as separately downloadable, scanned bit-map formatted pdf files. All other obsolete deviations are archived on this website by the separate calendar year they were issued.

This Job Support Tool (JST) combines all of the separate, "current" class deviations into a single, key word searchable pdf file that also includes bookmarks that link to each individual class deviation. This JST presents content summaries of each class deviation and lists the individual FAR or DFARS citation references that are affected by the class deviation. This JST is updated as DPC issues changes to the list of current class deviations posted to its website. The updated JST identifies new class deviations added by DPC to the current list and/or those class deviations that have been removed to their respective calendar year archive folder since the last website page update.

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