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DoD Experimentation Guidebook

Updated 8/30/2019

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DoD Experimentation Guidebook
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​The Department of Defense Experimentation Guidebook is issued by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering's Prototypes and Experiments office.  This guidebook attempts to capture and consolidate the approaches, best practices, and recommendations that Department of Defense (DoD) Components have used for decades to plan and execute experimentation projects for the DoD.  This guidebook is an introductory and reference document that can be used by DoD personnel who plan to use experimentation to explore solutions to existing and emerging military capability problems and by staff officers and senior leaders seeking to increase their knowledge of experimentation.

This guidebook is not policy, nor should it be understood as directive in nature.  Rather, the guidebook is designed to complement DoD, Military Service, and defense agency policy pertaining to research and acquisitions, providing the reader with discretionary best practices that should be tailored to each experimentation project.  It is not a substitute for Defense Acquisition University (DAU) training, and it does not describe every activity necessary to be effective.

The guidebook is a living document and will be updated periodically to ensure that direction captured from governing documents is current and best practices are fresh.

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