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DoD Mission Engineering Guide

Updated 11/30/2020

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DoD Mission Engineering Guide
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This guide describes the foundational elements and the overall methodology of Department of Defense (DoD) Mission Engineering (ME), including a set of ME terms and definitions that should be part of the common engineering parlance for studies and analyses, building upon already accepted sources and documentation from the stakeholder community in the Office of the
Secretary of Defense (OSD), Joint Staff, Services, and Combatant Commands. The guide will:
  • Describe the main attributes of DoD ME and how to apply them to add technical and engineering rigor into the ME analysis process;
  • Enable practitioners to formulate problems, and build understanding of the main principles involved in performing analysis in a mission context; and
  • Provide users with insight as to how to document and portray results or conclusions in a set of products that help inform key decisions.
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