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DoDI 5000.02: Operation of the Defense Acquisition System

Updated 1/23/2020

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DoDI 5000.02: Operation of the Defense Acquisition System
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In accordance with the authority in DoD Directive (DoDD) 5134.01, the July 13, 2018 Deputy Secretary of Defense (DepSecDef) Memorandum, and the December 20, 2019 DepSecDef Memorandum, this issuance: 

  • Establishes policy and prescribes procedures for managing acquisition programs, pursuant to the relevant sections of Title 10, United States Code. 
  • Assigns acquisition program management responsibilities in accordance with the authority in DoDDs 5134.01 and 5000.01. 
  • Describes the responsibilities of principal acquisition officials and the purpose and key characteristics of the acquisition pathways. 
  • Restructures defense acquisition guidance to improve process effectiveness and implement the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF). As a result of that restructuring, this issuance has been renamed “Operation of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework,” to better reflect the current content. 

Note: the majority of the main content in DoDI 5000.02 has now been moved to DOD INSTRUCTION 5000.85, MAJOR CAPABILITY ACQUISITION.

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