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Updated 3/17/2014

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According to their website, the "Raytheon Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment (EAGLE)™ LSA is used for building and maintaining logistics data and producing reports. Technical manuals are produced with EAGLE Publishing System and fielded systems are supported through operations and maintenance.

EAGLE LSA is an enhanced LSAR (Logistic Support Analysis Record) relational database based on and fully compatible with the now cancelled MIL-STD-1388-2B and MIL-PRF-49506, as well as , GEIA/TechAmerica-0007 and DEF STAN 00-60. It provides a complete Logistics Support Analysis architecture and goes beyond the specifications by adding tools to manage engineering drawings, technical manuals, video, and other functions. Current 1388-2A, 1388-2B, 00-60 Issue 1, 00-60 Issue 3, 00-60 Issue 4, 00-60 Issue 5 and 00-60 Issue 6 databases can be easily migrated to the EAGLE structure.

EAGLE speeds complex, time-consuming logistics tasks by enabling users to navigate the logistics database by discipline (Provisioning, Task Analysis, Support Equipment, etc.) and focus on specific functions within each discipline (provisioning an item, creating a task, assigning support equipment).

Note: DoD uses the term supportability analysis or product support analysis rather than more dated terms such as LSA and LSAR. See MIL-HDBK-502A for additional information.

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  • Army
  • Navy / Marine Corps
  • Air Force

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