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EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS)

Updated 9/24/2012

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EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS)
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​According to their website, the “EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System(MMISTM) is a proven tool for Performance Based Logistics (PBL). Presently in use in PBL contracts in the United States, Europe and Australia, EAGLE MMIS provides a real world solution for managing repair activities.” See also the Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment (EAGLE)TM tool site, as well as the EAGLE LSA site and the EAGLE Publishing System (EPS) site.

Other information

According to their web site, “the EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS) is a software tool specifically designed to enable successful execution of PBL contracts. MMIS provides the process visibility and data transparency that today’s PBL customers demand. With easy, secure access to data over the Internet, all customer personnel can access equipment status, repair status, and generate reports with nothing other than a browser. As a result, vital information is not only available from PCs in the office but from PDAs and Web enabled cell phones in the field! Data can be entered and retrieved over the Internet, and reports are generated from live, current data.  MMIS provides online status and history to authorized users for virtually all program data. The major features are: 

  • Data maintained online by users
  • Reports built on demand from current data
  • Access to data limited by username and password
  • Data available via Internet at virtually any location
  • Links provide access to data supported by other websites
  • Integrated with Electronic Data Interchange systems
  • Allows segregation of data between project and programs
  • Data access and privileges tailored using roles and usernames
Some of the major features of the MMIS tool set are:
  • Centralized maintenance–all upgrades are done on server. No client software installation or update is necessary.
  • No barriers or borders–Access anywhere. All the user needs is an Internet connection and a Web browser.
  • Uses standard http port 80 or port 443. No custom or proprietary ports need to be opened on client firewall.
  • Windows XP, 2003 or UNIX can be used for application server or database.
  • Uses standard ORACLE security and roles.
  • All business rules are enforced on database.
  • Easy data import/export and backup using fullfile import/export.
EAGLE MMIS is designed to answer questions such as:
  • How many units are being inducted on a particular contract per month?
  • What does the trend line look like?
  • What were the top 10 defective parts last month?
  • What were the top 30 defective parts last year?
  • How long does it take on average to close a work order for a particular part?
  • What percentage of defects reported last year were related to vendor workmanship?
  • What assets need Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) “xyz” incorporated?
  • What is the mean time between failure (MTBF) for a particular LRU?
  • Is MTBF getting better or worse?”

Processes Supported

Departments Associated

  • Army
  • Navy / Marine Corps
  • Air Force
  • Agencies

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