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Event Based Surveillance Table (Supplier Risk Management)

Updated 1/14/2019

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Event Based Surveillance Table (Supplier Risk Management)
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​Use in accordance with DCMA-INST 207, Engineering Surveillance.

The EBST is an Excel template containing a table of events identified as opportunities to evaluate the contractor/supplier for contract compliance and adequacy. The table may be used to manage labor resource requirements and prioritization.
The version 2.0 changes (1/14/2019) released include:

1.  Added more detail to change made on 10/19/2018 regarding deleting ISP Fields.

2.  Added more detail to change made on 10/19/2018 to renaming "Exec_Doc_Required" to "SDR Required".

3.  Changed the 10/19/2018 entry above for "Added columns ..."  Previously written format might lead reader to think a single column was added.  Two columns were added as now shown in the description.  These were first identified in V 1.33.  The version date for this entry was changed from 1.32 to 1.33 since these columns were not in V 1.32.

4.  Changed the title of this column from "Revision History for Revision x.yy" to "Revision History through Revision x.yy".  Intent is to make it clearer for anyone reading through the changes cronologically.  Also changed it from a formula\reference to a text field.

5.  Edited the Data Dictionary column title for the second column with the same label "ISP Required".  Changed to read "ISP Required Description".  Intent is to provide details of why ISP is required.

6.  Changed column headings for Likelihood and Consequence.  They are now more consistent with the descriptions in the Engineering Surveillance Plan template.  Changed Data Dictionary accordingly.

7.  Changed "Required" column title to "Required by MOA, MOU, Other.  Changed Data Dictionary and template Comment accordingly.

8.  Deleted 'Skillset' column.  Rationale is template is primarily engineer-oriented; skillset implies commodities and more QA-centric.  Note:  Deleted from Data Dictionary as well.

9.  Changed title of column "Supplier POC" to "Assigned Engineer".  Edited column Comment and Data Dictionary accordingly.  Intent is to identify the DCMA engineer assigned to execute this event.  Several different engineers may be working the events in the EBST due to facility or program assignments.  This identification is more prudent than the Supplier POC.

10.  Deleted column titled "POC".  Column was "U" in V 1.33

11.  Deleted columns AM, AN, and AO.

12.  Edited EBST template cell for version to a text item versus formula or reference.

13.  Updated the Event Risk Rating tab with additional information on determining Likelihood and Consequence.  Attempt is to make EBST and ESP terminology and descriptions the same.

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