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Five Dimensions of Leadership Action

Updated 5/17/2022

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Five Dimensions of Leadership Action
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The Five Dimensions of Leadership tool is a multidimensional model of leadership: the leader in front, the leader from behind, the leader beside, the leader of the whole, and the leader within. This model was adapted from, Karen and Henry Kimsey-House's 2015 book Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead. 

This tool will help you understand and guide you through the actions you can take to practice and improve in the various leader dimensions. Because many leaders excel within one particular dimension, they do not see the need to improve in any of the others. But no matter how good you are in one dimension you need to lead in multiple dimensions in order to provide the full spectrum of the kinds of leadership that leads to innovation, culture change, and organizational transformation.

The video link below provides additional information for helping you complete the worksheet.

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