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Guidebook for Contract Property Administration

Updated 9/17/2015

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Guidebook for Contract Property Administration
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The Government relies on and requires its contractors to provide effective and efficient stewardship of the Government property in their custody. This stewardship responsibility, codified in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clauses 52.245-1, Government Property, and 52.245-2, Government Property Installation Operation Services, is the subject of this Guidebook.

The policies and procedures presented in this Guidebook are designed to implement the requirements of the FAR, facilitate the effective and efficient oversight of contractors, maximize the Department’s return on investment and achievement of best value; and protect the Government’s interests.  The terms and condition of the contract take precedence over the requirements of this Guidebook.

This Guidebook replaces the Guidebook for Contract Property Administration (April 2012), which replaced DoD 4161.2-M, DoD Manual for the Performance of Contract Property Administration (1991).

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