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Hexagon US Federal Joint Configuration Management Information System (JCMIS)

Updated 3/27/2017

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Hexagon US Federal Joint Configuration Management Information System (JCMIS)
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According to the Hexagon US Federal website, “JCMIS is a Web-based product life-cycle management (PLM) system that provides clear, concise, and valid information during all phases of the product life cycle: design, development, maintenance, and disposition. It integrates configuration identification, change control, status accounting, and audits into a closed-loop system that helps managers perform PLM from early design through asset retirement. JCMIS provides a seamless view of a part, its documentation, identification number, technical directives, allowable configurations, and as-is configurations. It complies with EIA 649 (National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management) and embraces the Configuration Management II (CMII) methodology. Key features and benefits include:

  • Single point integration of PLM business process
  • Standardizes CM/DM business processes across the enterprise
  • Robust data security protocols (Database roles and rights permissions)
  • Compliant with all mandated Security Initiatives (Retina and Gold disk scans, IAVA, IAVB, IAVT)
  • Rich systematic approach for creating, configuring, managing, and reusing product structures
  • Design documentation identification and revision control
  • Electronic data library for documentation
  • Physical part attributes
  • Supplier source data includes Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability Codes (SM&R)
  • Work unit code structures
  • Asset management includes: Life limited components, “As is” configurations, warranties, etc.
  • Change lifecycle includes: Variances, Preliminary, and Formal Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs)”

See also NAVAIR  “Joint Configuration Management Information System/Aeronautical Time Cycle Management  (JCMIS/ATCM)” site.

Processes Supported

Departments Associated

  • Army
  • Navy / Marine Corps
  • Air Force
  • Agencies

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