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Introduction to Air Force Category Management

Updated 4/22/2020

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Introduction to Air Force Category Management
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The DoD's implementation of Category Management (CM) consists of a structured, data-driven business practice whereby the organization broadly and strategically analyzes and manages common categories of spend with an enterprise-wide focus in order to eliminate redundancies, increase efficiencies and enhance mission effectiveness.  By completing this training, you will learn about the history of CM in the Federal government and US Air Force (USAF), the USAF 4 principles of CM, Roles and Responsibilities, and the 6-Step CM Process.  Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate awarding you 1 CLP.  You must complete this training in one session.

Consider the Category Management Credential, CACQ 007, for additional practitioner level training to help you to begin contributing to a Category Management Team or improve your staff role overseeing aspects of Category Management in the Department of Defense.

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