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Updated 7/26/2018

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​JDOCSHELL is a US Army Logistics Data Analysis Center (LDAC) product that services as “an alternative to the traditional document authoring process. It is designed to generate documents that would benefit from expert system/knowledge base technologies. It provides a structured framework in which to easily represent the latest policy and regulatory guidance, past lessons learned, and best practices validated by recognized subject matter experts. DOCSHELL permits users to create high quality, thorough, policy compliant documents in a fraction of the time exhibited in the traditional, labor intensive, document development approach. Its use of expert system/knowledge base technologies ensures that each document development effort doesn't constitute a total new start.”

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Java Document Generating Shell's Many Applications - JDOCSHELL is a unique software package because it gives you the ability to write your own expert system document authoring applications. The easy-to-use, graphical Knowledge Base Development Environment makes it possible to write as many applications as you want without any computer programming experience. Here are just a few of the uses for JDOCSHELL: 



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