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Updated 12/24/2015

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LogiQuest is a  logistics information search and retrieval product from Terabase Corporation.  LogiQuest simplifies searching by allowing customers to combine text and fielded search criteria in a "Quick Search" interface.  More advanced search interfaces are also available to meet the needs of the power user.  Customers have the option of searching in real-time or they can process large batch jobs offline.  To help you find the information you need quickly, LogiQuest provides a comprehensive set of search keys for each database.  We go far beyond the common NIIN, NSN, Part Number, CAGE Code and Keyword indexes that our competitors typically provide.

LogiQuest includes over 60 logistics databases, (comprised of more than 120 separate data files) and more are on the way. Information is agregated from many disparate sources of government and commercial data. It provides simple, yet very powerful, access to more than 15 million active and historical NIINs (National Item Identification Number) and NICNs (Navy Item Control Number). There are over 100 million individual part numbers in LogiQuest. Information about each item includes: the NSN (national Stock Number), part numbers, characteristics, suppliers, procurement history, replacement and alternate parts, supply management, and branch-specific information. LogiQuest has indexed logistics related Internet web pages, and integrates that and other external information sources into one common user experience.

Attractive, comprehensive built-in reports can be personalized to ensure that the information fits the user's needs.  Our NSN/NIIN and CAGE Code based cross-referencing facility allows us to integrate data, such as Procurement History and PID data, with major databases such as the FLIS into combined user-defined reports and downloads.

LogiQuest includes powerful, time-saving tools such as: true background batch processing and downloading of data in the native formats of popular programs.  These formats include Excel, Access and SQL Server as well as DBase3 to support xBase products.   Printed reports are available in PDF format.  Customers can create custom download and report layouts including the selection of individual fields and their formats.  Additionally, many of LogiQuest’s interactive displays may be tailored to remove unnecessary information minimizing the time required to display the required information.

Requires a username and password to access. 

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