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Logistics Health Assessment (LHA)

Updated 10/21/2020

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Logistics Health Assessment (LHA)
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The Air Force’s ability to maximize warfighting effectiveness hinges on establishing and maintaining a logistics support foundation throughout the system life cycle. Designed to complement the Air Force’s Product Support Toolkit (PSTK) and Independent Logistics Assessment (ILA) tools, the Air Force Logistics Health Assessment (LHA) provides the acquisition and sustainment communities a standard, tailorable, user friendly tool to report on and ensure long-term sustainment and availability considerations that can be identified and integrated into early program decisions. Ultimately, LHA enhances the potential for systems to be fielded with a support structure in place and optimizes the warfighter’s ability to meet mission performance requirements. The LHA is built around the 12 Integrated Product Support (IPS) elements outlined in Air Force Instruction (AFI) 63-101/20-101, Integrated Life Cycle Management, and utilizes intellectual capital documented in the following:  


The LHA is a tool which provides the Air Force life cycle logistics community the capability to assess the logistics health of Defense Programs from concept to disposal.  The LHA fills a void within logistics by providing a standardized, tailorable and user-friendly mechanism for assessing and measuring acquisition and sustainment/product support planning & execution to ensure long-term sustainment and supportability considerations are identified and integrated into early program decisions.  Ultimately, this assessment enhances the potential for systems to be fielded with a support structure in place and optimizes the warfighter’s ability to meet mission performance requirements.  The LHA is available from the Air Force Acquisition App Store (CAC required for access).

For more information

For additional information, contact the Air Force LHA POC at the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC/LZSB), DSN 785-7521.

For Air Force personnel, see also the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Logistics Community site.

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