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Logistics Product Data Store (LPDS)

Updated 7/26/2018

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Logistics Product Data Store (LPDS)
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The Logistics Product Data Store (LPDS) is the Army's central repository for Logistics Product Data (LPD). The LPDS provides for storing, viewing, and analyzing of the Integrated Product Support (IPS) data required to fully support systems throughout the Life Cycle. According to the US Army Logistics Data Analysis Center (LDAC), the owners of the LPDS:

What is LPDS?

  • The Army’s Central Logistics Product Data (LPD) Repository
  • Stores data and makes it available through the Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW)
  • Allows for storing, viewing, and analyzing of LPD
  • Will feed Army ERP systems
  • Fills gap from production to sustainment, giving the Army a cradle-to-grave view
  • Enables synchronization of ASA(ALT)/PM, and AMC LCMC activities

Benefits of LPDS

  • Standard logistics data format
  • Cradle to grave view of each Program in the Army
  • Satisfies DoD and Army supportability requirements
  • Reduces Program Manager data burden
  • Supports program reviews
    • Compares actual performance to requirements
    • Supports Performance Based Logistics (PBL)
    • Enables quick and accurate logistics status reviews
    • Increases management capability and responsiveness
  • Supports analytical comparison of new programs to legacy programs
  • Ability to save Operations and Sustainment dollars over the course of a Program
  • Allows use of current and legacy DOD and Industry Standards data formats

    • GEIA-STD-0007 Logistics Product Data, MIL-STD-1388-2B Logistics Support Analysis Record

  • Satisfies DoD and Army supportability requirements

    • Complies with DA PAM 700-56 Logistics Supportability Planning, emerging AR 700-127, Integrated Product Support requirements, and centralizes collection & archiving of data to plan and acquire best value logistics support

  • Complete Life Cycle perspective of systems in the Enterprise (acquisition and logistics engineering data gaps)

PM Benefits

Reduces data costs by collecting LPD across programs centrally



  • Reduces PM storage, DICAPs, and data management requirements



Promotes compliance with DODD 5000.01 and DODI 5000.02



  • Enables Total Life Cycle Systems Management and supports Performance Based Logistics


Use of LPD for Program management purposes

  • GETA-STD-0007, Logistics Product Data reports, tools. Compares requirements to actual performance and supports analytical comparison of new programs to legacy programs.
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  • Army

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This product support analytical tool was identified as part of a database provided solely to assist defense acquisition workforce professionals to identify best value product support solutions which optimize system readiness and life cycle cost. Neither the Department of Defense or the Defense Acquisition University provide any warranty of these tools whatsoever, whether express, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty that the contents of the item will be error-free. This analytical tools database should under no circumstances be considered as being all-encompassing, and is in no-wise meant to endorse the capabilities or products of any particular individual, company, or organization.

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