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Milestone Document Identification Tool (MDID)

Updated 8/14/2020

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Milestone Document Identification Tool (MDID)
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The Milestone Document Identification tool (MDID) helps acquisition personnel identify statutory and regulatory program information requirements, as referenced in DoDI 5000.85 and DoDI 5000.81:

  1. Milestone and phase information requirements
  2. Acquisition Program Baselines (APB)
  3. Statutory program breach definitions
  4. Recurring program reports
  5. Exceptions, waivers, and alternative management and reporting requirements
  6. Cost and software data reporting (CSDR)
  7. Earned value management system (EVMS) application requirements
  8. EVMS reporting requirements
  9. Actions associated with Clinger Cohen Act compliance
  10. Information Requirements Unique to the Urgent Capabilities Acquisition Process

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