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Other Transactions (OT) Guide

Updated 11/1/2018

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Other Transactions (OT) Guide
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​The Other Transactions Guide for Prototype Projects (version 1.2.0, dated January 2017) is rescinded in its entirety and replaced by this guide.  

This guide is issued by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (OUSD(A&S)), the organization responsible for promulgation of policy for Other Transactions (OTs).  This guide provides advice and lessons learned on the planning, publicizing, soliciting, evaluating, negotiation, award, and administration of OTs, to include all three types of OT agreements: Research, Prototype, and Production. While this document includes references to the controlling statutory and policy provisions for DoD OT authority, the document itself is not a formal policy document. Activities seeking to award OTs should consult with legal counsel for interpretation of statutory, regulatory, and formal policy requirements. If a strategy, practice, or procedure is in the best interest of the Government and is not prohibited by law or Executive Order, the Government team should assume it is permitted.

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