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Product Support Business Model

Updated 8/26/2020

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Product Support Business Model
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According to the DoD Product Support Manager (PSM) Guidebook, the PSBM defines the hierarchical framework in which the planning, development, implementation, management, and execution of product support for a weapon system component, subsystem, or system platform will be accomplished over the life cycle. 

The PSBM effectively describes the methodology by which DoD intends to ensure achievement of optimized product support through balancing maximum weapon system availability with the most affordable and predictable total ownership cost. The model provides a clearly delineated description of the roles, relationships, accountability, responsibility and business agreements among the managers, integrators, and providers of product support. 

Note: Key terms contained in this graphic depiction of the PSBM are hyperlinked to more detailed information and related resources such as ACQuipedia articles, community of practice sites or glossary definitions of key terms. Click on any area of the graphic to view its definition. For additional information, see also the Product Support Business Model (PSBM) ACQuipedia article.

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