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Product Support Manager (PSM) Guidebook

Updated 11/17/2022

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Product Support Manager (PSM) Guidebook
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This guide is a tool for Program Managers (PMs), Product Support Managers (PSMs), their support staffs, and others in acquisition and sustainment organizations as they develop and implement product support strategies for new programs, major modifications to legacy programs, or as they re-validate and re-engineer product support strategies for existing fielded systems.

It focuses on identifying, developing, implementing, incentivizing, and measuring quantifiable best value outcome-based product support solutions that optimize Life-Cycle Cost (LCC) and readiness. It delineates processes for outcome goals of systems, ensures that responsibilities are assigned, provides incentives for attaining these goals, and facilitates the overall lifecycle management of system reliability, availability, supportability, and LCC. It seeks to provide an integrated acquisition and sustainment framework for achieving Warfighter performance requirements throughout a program life-cycle. 

This guidebook advocates the product support guiding principles and comprises the efforts and expertise of representatives from the Department of Defense (DoD), Components, Services, Agencies, the Joint Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), industry, and academia.

What's New in the May 2022 Update:

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This document is part of an Integrated Product Support Guidebook Suite and serves as an important resource for defense acquisition workforce members to use in crafting and successfully executing life cycle product support and sustainment strategies. 

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