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DAU Systems Engineering Brainbook

Updated 3/12/2019

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DAU Systems Engineering Brainbook
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If you have ever wanted to go to one place on the DAU network to explore DoD systems engineering information available across the DAU Enterprise, do we have the tool for you! Introducing the DAU Systems Engineering (SE) Brainbook tool. This tool curates systems engineering-related DAU training, Defense Acquisition Guidebook sections, tools, DAU Acquisition Community Connection communities, ACQuipedia articles, glossary entries, and performance learning assets from across all three areas of the DAU Acquisition Learning Model, with links back to those source documents and sites.

Site Organization

The DAU SE Brainbook is organized according to the eight DoD technical processes and eight DoD technical management processes. These 16 processes together provide a structured approach to increasing the technical maturity of a system and increasing the likelihood that the capability being developed balances mission performance with cost, schedule, risk, and design constraints. In addition to the DoD SE process, you will also find 24 Design Considerations that should be investigated during the design process and reviewed throughout the system life cycle. Each item in this tool contains detailed information as well as curated resources for further exploration.

Future Development Plans

Future versions of the DAU SE Brainbook will focus on DoD SE Technical Reviews and SE special topics such as Value Engineering, application of Agile methods to systems engineering, and other topics, especially those submitted by you, the Defense Acquisition Workforce. To submit feedback about the DAU SE Brainbook, submit a topic for the brainbook, or ask a question about DoD Systems Engineering, please select the Contact link at the top of the DAU SE Brainbook page.

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