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Simple Linear Regression Tool

Updated 9/12/2017

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Simple Linear Regression Tool
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A template employing multiple MS Excel functions where the user need only enter paired data observations assigning the independent and dependent variable. The data is graphed showing the estimated trend line along with fit statistics (SE, CV, R^2), Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Table, and intercept/slope significance (T) statistics with associated probabilities. This tool saves the user having to separately employ multiple MS Excel functions in order to obtain this information. An instruction worksheet (Getting Started) explains the tool including password protected worksheets to avoid inadvertent corruption of these worksheets. Unprotected worksheets are included to allow the user to modify display elements such as column widths and number of significant digits displayed in the output. An annotated worksheet is also provided where comment flags appear to explain certain elements and statistics when hovering over these cells.

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