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SMART-T Navy Technical Manual Acquisition and Development Requirements Definition Tool

Updated 6/5/2017

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SMART-T Navy Technical Manual Acquisition and Development Requirements Definition Tool
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SMART-T is a web application tool that provides a fast, easy, and accurate means for defining tailored Technical Manual (TM) acquisition and development requirements that conform to current NAVSEA-approved specifications, standards, and NAVSEA Technical Manual Management Program policy. Generated products from SMART-T are the tailored Technical Manual Contract Requirements (TMCR) document and Technical Manual SEATASK Requirement (TMSR) document which are intended for use in a Solicitation, Contract, Task/Delivery Order, or Government Agency tasking. The TMCRs/TMSRs are tailored to the specific level, purpose, and end use requirements for optimum cost-effective acquisition and follow-on maintenance of TMs.

A TMCR is an acquisition document that is uniquely tailored to describe the format, style, and technical content requirements for a TM. It also includes general requirements for preparation and delivery of the TM and associated TM products like the TM Schedule and Status Report, TMQA Program Plan, Validation Plan, etc. A TMCR is used when the TM is to be acquired from and developed by a contractor. The TMCR becomes a part of the contract. The TMCR must be used in conjunction with associated Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs) and a Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW defines objectives and task associated with the TM development effort and the CDRLs are required for use in identifying potential data requirements in a solicitation, and to order the selected data items from a contract.

A TMSR (Technical Manual SEATASK Requirement) is essentially the same as a TMCR. The difference being that the TMSR is used when the Government is the manual preparing activity.

SMART-T products and services include:

  • Tailored TMCRs/TMSRs produced in real time
  • TMCR/TMSR Repository with TMCRs/TMSRs available on the web 24/7
  • Guidance in Technical Manual Acquisition

Processes Supported

  • Other

Departments Associated

  • Navy / Marine Corps

Integrated Product Support Elements Addressed

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